New in 2024 – 2025
Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh & Braulio Martos
Lessons very Wednesday up from the 4th of September


19:00 to 20:15 : Biginner/Intermediate

20:30 to 21:45 : Intermediate+/Advance


Le Fleuve – Tango, rue de Lausanne 60, 2nd flor, 1020 Renens, Switzerland

How much

30 Fr the simple class

250 Fr the 10 classes card valid over 15 weeks

150 Fr the 10 classes card (for studient only) valid over 15 weeks


These courses are planned in a progression.

There will be no course theme, but continuity from one week to the next.

Attendance is therefore strongly recommended to be able to fully benefit from the lessons and give yourself the means to progress in your tango learning.

It is not necessary to come in couple/duo. But we do not guarantee parity neither. We encourage double role because learning from the point of view of the two roles is very complementary and this allows you to be flexible in the eventuality of non-parity.

Sigrid & Braulio

After our demonstration at Tic Tac Tango Festival in 2021, everyone expected to see us teaching together.
But life is full of mysteries and twists and turns…

Teaching together in a co-animation is not the easiest thing. This requires a lot of maturity and compromise, the challenges of which we are ready to take on this year.

So, join us to discover what our respective points of view on tango, the way of transmitting it and dancing it can have in terms of concordances and divergences. You will come out richer and your tango will be even more specific to yourself, for the happiness of your present or future partners.

Mercedes Sosa“Canción de las simples cosas”