Private lessons are completely customised for the student according based on what I see as the most important aspects to work on, along with the requests of the student.

With a single student, I lead or follow in order to know what is feels like to dance with the student. I call this the “inner” view. That is why, when working with couples I like to have at least one lesson with each of them individually at some point.

When an individual dancer wants to take several private lessons, I ask, as far as possible, to have one or two lessons with an additional partner in order to be able to observe them from outside. This can help, because sometimes the “inner” feeling can differ from the outer visual aesthetics. I generally prioritise sensation over aesthetics, but the latter one should not be completely ignored either.

The regularity of the private lessons is discussed with each one. There are no set rules, but From experience, I recommend doing 3 to 4 courses close together in time, then spacing out the following ones a little more. However, everyone is free to come every week or every 3 months.